Saturday, May 17, 2014

GIVEAWAY: TWO book giveaway!

It's been forever since I've done a giveaway 'just because'...I currently have 397 followers, so I'm going to go ahead and do a TWO book giveaway to thank my wonderful readers, and to hopefully get a few more to push me over the 400 followers mark! 
The books I'm giving away are from my personal collection. One is "Sins of the House of Borgia" by Sarah Bower and the other is "The Perfect Royal Mistress" by Diane Haeger. Both are amazing historical fiction novels by great authors! 

"Sins of the House of Borgia"

A Notorious Duke

An Infamous Duchess

An Innocent Girl

Violante isn't supposed to be here, in one of the grandest courts of Renaissance Italy. She isn't
supposed to be a lady-in-waiting to the beautiful Lucrezia Borgia. But the same secretive  politics that pushed Lucrezia's father to the Vatican have landed Violante deep in a lavish landscape of passion and ambition.

Violante discovers a Lucrezia unknown to those who see only a scheming harlot, and all the whispers about her brother, Cesare Borgia, never revealed the soul of the man who dances close with Violante.

But those who enter the House of Borgia are never quite the same when they leave-if they leave at all. Violante's place in history will test her heart and leave her the guardian of dangerous secrets she must carry to the grave.

What Readers Are Saying

"Glittering, gorgeous, compelling, and stunning."

"A richly satisfying historical novel. It deserves prizes."

"The Perfect Royal Mistress"

Born into poverty and raised in a brothel, Nell Gwynne sells oranges in the pit at London’s King’s Theater, newly reopened after the plague and the Great
Fire devastated the city. Soon, her quick sense of humor and natural charm
get her noticed by those who have the means to make her life easier. But the street-smart Nell knows a woman doesn’t get ahead by selling her body. Through talent, charm, intelligence, and sheer determination—as well as a keen understanding of how the world operates—Nell works her way out of the pit and onto the stage to become the leading comedic actress of the day. Her skills and beauty quickly win the attention of all of London—eventually even catching the eye of King Charles II. Their attraction is as real as it is unlikely, and the scrappy orange girl with the pretty face and the quick wit soon finds herself plunged into the
confusing and dangerous world of the court, where she learns there are few she can trust—and many whom she cannot turn her back on.
From the gritty streets of seventeenth-century London, to the backstage glamour of its theaters, to the glittering court of Charles II, The Perfect Royal Mistress is a love story for the ages, the rags-to-riches tale of a truly remarkable heroine.

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