Sunday, July 13, 2014

BLOG TOUR: The 9 Mirages of Love by Chiara Mazzucco


When love won’t show you what you want to see, you will do whatever it takes to make a relationship meet your expectations, even if it means sacrificing your well-being, and throwing yourself down a rabbit hole of denial. Instead of being proactive and building the life you deserve, you settle for the one you have. Why? Because it’s easier to try making the pieces fit, than it is realizing you’re putting together the wrong puzzle. When it comes to love, the only advice worth listening to is the raw, uncensored truth. How else are you supposed to move on from a toxic relationship? How else are you expected to make sense of the pain and confusion you feel in your current relationship? Rainbows and butterflies won’t have the answers you’re looking for, but this book does. Take the wishful thinking and get rid of it, once and for all. It’s time to take control of your love life again. Think of me as the awesome best friend that finally comes to the rescue and helps you get the romance you deserve. Fight the sugarcoat. You can take it.

My Review:

Chiara Mazzucco’s “The 9 Mirages of Love: How to Stop Chasing What Doesn’t Exist” was a really helpful, interesting book—definitely worth reading and contemplating. I liked the section on clinginess—I feel that a lot of women and men make this mistake. There were several other really meaningful sections in this book.

I love that her voice is so real. It could be a friend and I having a conversation about relationships. I feel like the author is a voice that can be trusted in a way. She’s very candid and open, says what’s on her mind, and doesn’t hold back. She makes reading this book more interesting that your typical, boring self-help book. The author makes the reading so much more interesting by her openness, and it really draws you in and makes you look at your relationships in a whole new perspective. It’s helpful to take a step back and look at things differently.
Self-help books are typically boring and I suffer to get through them. However, this one was relatable and it felt like I was listening to a friend giving me advice. The author’s voice was interesting and made me laugh a few times with her candidness.

I would recommend this book to anyone working on bettering their lives and relationships.

I give this novel a FOUR out of FIVE stars.

About the Author:

Chiara Mazzucco is the Founder, CEO and Editor-in-chief of The Indie Chicks, Inc - a fast growing media company devoted to empowering the woman’s sense of self - currently with an online magazine and a quarterly print publication, Indie Chick. She’s author of The 9 Mirages of Love, and is also a web designer. Driven, stubborn, and wildly ambitious, she won’t stop until she is the perfect, self-empowered role model for all of her readers.

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