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BOOK TOUR & REVIEW: The Monster on Top of the Bed by Alan H. Jordan

Title: The Monster on Top of the Bed & My Monster on Top of the Bed
Author: Alan H. Jordan
Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Book Cover & Blurb:

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Suzy, who used to jump up and down on her bed having just a great time. This scared a young critter named Karrit who lived under Suzy’s bed and he wanted her to be his friend. Still, Suzy ate strange things like cakes made out of pans (pancakes) and the toes of toemays (tomatoes) and—he could not believe it—he heard her talk about eating something truly horrendous.

One day Karrit heard Suzy tell her mother that she was lonely and needed a friend. Because of that Karrit decided to visit Suzy. At first Suzy was afraid of Karrit, who had red, scaly legs, and a blue nose. But Suzy noticed that Karrit seemed scared of her too. So, Suzy treated Karrit the way that she would want to be treated if she had gone to his house.

As they grew to know each other, Suzy figured out why Karrit was afraid of her, and she was sorry to have scared him. She showed him a hotdog (she didn’t eat dogs that were hot) a tomato (she didn’t eat the toes of matoes) and a carrot (she definitely didn’t eat Karrits).

Suzy made Karrit feel that she liked him, and that she wanted him to be happy. Because of that, they kept getting to know each other better until one day they both realized that they didn’t have to be afraid of each other, and that it was a mistake for each of them to think of the other as a “monster.” Suzy and Karrit became best friends, and neither was afraid of monsters again.

My Review:

The Monster on Top of the Bed by Alan H. Jordan is a cute children’s book. I loved that the “monsters” that lived under the little girl, Suzy’s, bed were actually afraid of the little girl, not the other way around! It is a cute twist on monsters living under the bed, and could definitely help children to be less afraid of what might be under their bed at night! I also really love the second part of the book that allows children to write their own story right in the book. I think this idea will work great for older readers.

While I thought the book was cute, I found it a little hard to follow. The pictures are brightly colored, which are great for kids, but some are a little busy. I had to read the story twice to make sure I was following it correctly and understanding the whole story. There is just too much going on in some of the illustrations, so your eye does not focus on one area in particular, you just keep looking all over the place. Other than that, this children’s literature book was really great.

I think that this book is appropriate for ages 2-8. I would definitely recommend this for parents to read to or with their little ones, especially if their little ones are starting to be a little afraid of the dark or wondering what’s under their bed. It might help to make them more comfortable if they believe there are adorable, sweet little monsters under their bed, who are very shy, and more scared of the child than the child is of them!

I give The Monster on Top of the Bed FOUR out of FIVE stars.

Author Bio:

Alan Jordan writes poetry, spiritual books, self-help books, childrens’ books and business books.  He's working on a comic mystery  and a thriller that are scheduled for release in 2016. His Kindle books , I Am Here, Dad; Can You Feel Me, Mom?; and Zoey’s Letter to a Soul, contain full color photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, Spitzer Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory with hyperlinks  so that when you click on the links you go right to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) web page that provides full details about the picture. 

His children’s book The Monster on Top of the Bed  was written to pass on his strongest beliefs and values to a grandchild, just in case he should pass away before my daughter got pregnant and had a child.


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