Monday, April 25, 2011

Leslie Carrol Review: Royal Pains, Notorious Royal Marriages, and Royal Affairs

Ok, I know it's been awhile since I've updated, but I was finishing up three books. ROYAL AFFAIRS, NOTORIOUS ROYAL MARRIAGES, and ROYAL PAINS all by Leslie Carroll. I figured that since they were all by the same author, I might as well do a review of all of them together.

I finished all three books in a week, so I think that shows just how awesome they were! Carroll has a way of making non-fiction extremely entertaining! I learned so much about different members of royalty, without even realizing I was learning! Her books read like a scandalous magazine. I enjoyed ROYAL PAINS the most, because of the scandals that she wrote about that were absolutely nuts! It seems that all royals were either married to a cousin, insane, riddled with venereal disease, or murderers! I literally could not put the book down! The only complaint that I have is that ROYAL MARRIAGES and ROYAL AFFAIRS have several repeats on the royals. There were several stories in both books that were exactly the same, so I would just skip over them.
I definitely recommend any one of these books to those who are interested in historical fiction. There was so much information given, information that the royal families kept hidden for years. The royal families were always held above the "normal" person, but these books certainly bring them down to earth, and show how many faults they really had. It was fascinating to get an inside view of what really was going on within the royal family, even though it was at times completely shocking.

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  1. Are these books historical fiction or fictional stories that happened in the past?

    Is the "information that the royal families kept hidden for years" is true or something the author made up?