Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The TO BE READ Pile Continues to GROW!

I am so excited to have began recently to receive submissions from authors who want me to read and review their books! This is all new to me, but I'm loving it! Now that I have my Kindle, it makes it that much easier to download author's e-books right to me.

The four books that I have received are:

THE BONUS by Georgia Lowe:

Georgia Lowe’sThe Bonus, is a work of historical fiction, which offers an eye-opening glimpse into the little known series of events involving the Bonus Army, a collection of World War I veterans, who came from all across the country to gather before Congress and demand the wartime service bonuses that they had been promised years before. This story of systemic neglect of veterans, hard economic times, environmental disaster and the consequences of a failed presidency, is more relevant than ever.
The Bonus recalls the story of Will Hardy, a reporter with recurring shellshock, who arrives with the Los Angeles contingent of the Bonus Army.  In the grip of the Great Depression of 1932, fueled by unemployment, hunger and homelessness, 22,000 defiant veterans settle before Congress vowing to stay until 1945 if necessary, until they are given their service bonuses. 

Georgia Lowe grew up around LA and Hollywood with Bonus Marcher parents in an environment where veteran issues were a part of everyday family conversation. She spent ten years researching for this book, with multiple trips to Washington and the Library of Congress.  She currently lives in a small community on the Eastern slope of the California Sierra where she is hard at work on both a prequel and a sequel to The Bonus.


Amanda is fourteen when her mother deserts her to be with a new man. Hurt and betrayed, Amanda loses faith in the world. To soothe her pain, she retreats into fly fishing, until she learns that her loving grandmother has terminal cancer.
Amanda struggles to find answers. Then one day she discovers that her grandmother, against the doctor’s orders, has gone fishing somewhere on the Junction River. Frightened, Amanda, along with Shana, her adopted dog, and Vernon, a grieving alcoholic, searches the river—but marches into an unexpected, terrifying event that, in a surprising way, helps her learn to forgive and to see the good in the world.


It was only a nightmare at first, but Damont soon realizes that he can see into the future-a curse he has to live with for being the only son of a king dead for a thousand years, with a mother who is the goddess of time.

A man in black armor with a face as obscure as the shadows mantling him laughs wickedly. Who is he and why does he continue to haunt me, Damont wonders. Appearing only in his dreams, the man in the black armor stands alone and laughs high as if to mock him while the world around him burns to cinder. "They are not dreams, my son," a voice calls out to him in a vision after the many nightmares-claiming to be his mother whom abandoned him when he was but a child. "They are shards of a broken world to come if you so take the path of your father." If such a path does lie ahead beyond a throne that sits vacant for centuries, with an empire in the east growling for war, then Damont Langörn realizes he has but one choice: follow the visions and seek out the truth lost to both him and the world behind his lineage-but will he be strong enough to face such a malevolent foe of his nightmares?

With a vampire and a sorceress at his side, Damont begins his journey, but such a road is not an easy one to take if the gods themselves do not wish for his return as the king who would unite the world against their existence and bring demise to their very doorstep.


Spencer Wedgeworth, a rising young star in an elite law firm, fears that he is being drawn into an international crime ring headed by his superiors at the firm, including some rather flashy and violent women. Aided by a quirky paralegal planted to spy on him and with whom he falls madly in love, Spencer uncovers the real truth about the contraband that he has been spiriting around the globe, a truth far more terrible than anything he could have imagined. But when his friend and long time mentor betrays him, Spencer flees to Bolivia where he has it out with the mob bosses in a wild brawl instigated by his girlfriend. Will Spencer survive to see justice done, or will he become just another in a long line of unfortunate victims in a violent, no-holds barred game of espionage and murder.

I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my Kindle, and reading these books. I will endeavor to read them in a timely manner, but at the time I have three jobs, and if you count this as a job, well then I have four! However, I definitely don't count this as a job, because I absolutely LOVE to read! I hope the submissions keep coming in, because it helps me to step outside the box a little bit, and read books other than historical fiction. Also, it is introducing me to some amazing authors, and I can't wait to share my thoughts on any new book that might be submitted to me, and of course I will be an honest and objective reader!

Now, enough rambling, time to get reading!


  1. Sounds like some very interesting reads- now following from book blogs! welcome your visit at bookspersonally.blogspot.com.

  2. Hi Kimberly,

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  3. I'm glad to have found your blog through BookBlogs - lots of interesting reads here.

    Following you through the NetworkedBlogs making links thread.

  4. What a fun blog to have come across! I will put the first two here on my To Be Read list as they follow a couple of my interests. As a fellow fan of the Tudors I hope you have read Sharon Kay Penman's wonderful books. They are the best. I just finished and reviewed Margare Georges Elizabeth I. It is very well done.
    Best of luck in you Arizona job. My son and daughter in law are moving to the Mesa area to teach next fall as well. :)

  5. Congrats on getting some good reads from authors! New follower stopping in from book blogs :-)