ABOUT ME (Needs Updated)

I think that it is important for those of you who are following my posts on this blog to know a little bit about me, so here goes!

I am from, and have lived most of my life, in a small town in Northwest Pennsylvania. I graduated from a small high school in a class of 69 students, no joke. I went to college at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature in 2005. Unfortunately the job market for English Literature degrees is slim to none, so I decided to return to school to pursue a teaching degree.

In 2008 I decided that I needed to go back to school for my Masters in Education to teach English 7-12. I had always wanted to be a teacher, but I had lacked the confidence to go forward with it. I was accepted into the Middle and Secondary Education Masters program, and because certified to teach English. I graduated with honors in May 2010.

After graduating I was a long-term substitute teacher and also a day to day sub. In 2011 I was offered a teaching position in Arizona, and I decided to take it. I taught 7th grade English in Buckeye, AZ for a year. I realized that the West Coast wasn't for me, and began actively looking for a  teaching job on the East Coast. I had almost given up hope, when a school in Hampton, Virginia contacted me, so I moved back across the countr to teach 9th Grade English at Hampton High School. I might have stayed in Virginia, but then my identical twin boys, Trevor and Trenton, came into my life. I realized that I wanted to be close to home and to my parents
I completed my second Master of Education in Reading in May 2016, and am certified as a Reading Specialist. I loved reading and becoming lost in a book, so this is definitely a fitting degree for me. I hope to continue to further my personal education, and possibly work towards a Doctorate in Education. Short term focus is gaining a social studies certification, and possibly completing and ESL Program.

I began this book blog in 2011, because I realized that I was reading a huge amount of books each year, yet not keeping track of their titles, or whether or not I cared for the book. I decided to create this blog simply to keep track of the books I read, and while doing so I began to receive review requests from authors. At first I accepted a large variety of books to read and review, but over time my TBR list became longer and longer, and I had to keep putting off the reading of books that I really wanted to read. So, I narrowed my focus down to mainly historical fiction, and have had no issues at receiving a ton of requests for excellent authors and their books! 
While I do not have time to read and review every book that is requested of me, I definitely make time for those that grab my interest! My TBR list is pretty full right now, but if a historical fiction novels comes up that I absolutely must read, than I will definitely make time for it!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask!

Trenton & Trevor - The loves of my life!

Merry Christmas!

The COOLEST Beagle on earth--Princess!

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Anne Boleyn--My 'Obsession' with historical fiction began with her!

I truly DO love reading! <3