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REVENGE: A Travis Mays Novel: Review


When a trained killer threatens ex-cop Travis Mays - and those Travis loves - he finds a skilled adversary and an unexpected fight. 

Travis Mays starts a new life and a new career, teaching criminology at the university and building a cabin in the idyllic Idaho Mountains. He hires a beautiful river guide, Jessie White Eagle from the Nez Perce tribe, to steer him safely through raging whitewater, only to find that this trip changes everything—for Travis, for Jessie, and for those they hold dear. In the shadows lurks a man—calling himself Creasy—driven to make sure Travis pay for past sins. 

This fast-paced thriller takes readers on a wild ride down Idaho’s whitewater rivers, along the historic Lolo Trails once tread by the Nez Perce nation, and onto the city streets of California. Tighten your helmet. This ride never stops until the last shot is fired and the final body falls. 

My Review:

One of the reasons I'm happy that I finally started this book blog, and that I'm getting more and more review requests by authors I've never heard of, is because I am reading a lot of novels that I never would have looked twice at. I have never been interested in crime, mystery, or suspense novels, but by accepting review requests I've realized what I have been missing out on by not expanding my reading to a wider variety of genres before now.

I really did like REVENGE: A Travis Mays Novel. I'm not going to say it's one of the best books I've ever read, but it did keep my interest piqued, and for the most part I had no clue what was going to happen next or who the killer was throughout the novel. 

Travis Mays was a well-rounded character who had a lot of depth, and who I was immediately rooting for as a reader. Creasy was obviously the bad guy from the start, who was mysterious until the last half of the book when Travis and others starting putting things together. I really enjoyed Frank White Eagle and Jessie White Eagle. I wish that Jessie would have had more depth as a character. I think that she could have been a heroine of her own in this novel, but it seemed like she fell into the typical female role in suspense/cop drama books, in that she was bull-headed, had to be included in everything, and inevitably ended up getting herself into situations where she needed to be rescued. Also, I kept wondering when there would be some kind of physical connection between Jessie and Travis. It was obvious that there was something there, but they never so much as kissed. I'm not talking about a passionate sex scene, but something to break the sexual tension up a little would have been nice!

Another thing that bothered me a little bit was the fact that these people were so accommodating of Travis. He wasn't well known at all in this small town in Idaho, but after Tommy White Eagle (Frank's son) was murdered, they put all their trust in him because of his stellar background as a cop. Even when the people found out that Travis was actually the one who had inadvertently brought all the problems to this town, and that Tommy's murder was in a way connected to him, they still stood by and rallied around him. If it had been me, I would be keeping my distance from a guy who all of a sudden had a lot of connections to his past life ending up dead! Also, a small thing that bothered me was that there were a few editing errors throughout the ebook. It probably had to do with the book not being a finished copy, and the errors weren't so pervasive that they distracted me, but there were enough that I noticed and highlighted them.

I did like the different twists that happened towards the end of the book. You would think the book was about to be over, and everything solved, and all of a sudden someone else would end up dead, and you would realize there was another criminal out there with Travis in their crosshairs! It did get a little ridiculous in the last  couple of chapters, because it seemed like Travis kept putting himself in bad situations and ending up with a gun to his head. I kept thinking, "He's supposed to be a great cop??" Also, at the end when the the "bad guy" had the upper hand, they started giving the whole story about why they killed certain people, and their motive for what they were doing; it just struck me as a little cliche. It seems that in all cop dramas, the criminal has a gun pointed at the cops head, or is about to kill someone, and then they start going on about why they did what they did, and telling the person the reason they have to die.  

I know it seems like I had a lot of negative things to say about this book, but it's not that I didn't like it, I think that it's just not a genre that I am very familiar with or that I necessarily am drawn to. I know people who absolutely love crime and mystery books, and while I enjoyed reading this book; books about police and murder-suspense just really aren't my "cup of tea." 

All in all it was definitely a page turner. I read the book in two days because I couldn't put it down. I wanted to know who the killer was, and I wanted to the characters to solve the case! I also was shocked several times by how things turned out. If you happen to be a fan of crime/mystery/police/suspense novels, then by all means get this book, because it is for you, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys this type of suspense novel.

I would give this book 3.5 out of 5 Stars.


Mark Young is a former police officer with the Santa Rosa Police Department in California for twenty-six years; an award-winning journalist; and a Vietnam combat veteran. He served with several law enforcement task force operations, including the presidential Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force targeting major drug traffickers, and the federal Organized Crime Task Force charged with identifying and prosecuting prison gang leaders. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family. Visit for more information about Mark Young and his writing. Readers may also connect with him at where mystery readers, writers and law enforcement connect.

Mailbox Monday! Lots & Lots to Read!

Over the past couple of days I have received several review requests! I think it's due to the fact that I've been bored, so I've been roaming around and and posting my information! Either way, I'm happy to receive review requests, because I never know what I'm going to get, and I love all the different genres of novels that authors send me!

Next on my list to read and review:

The Ghosts of Melrose by Buzz Malone

During the past week I have received:

Replica by Lexi Dick
The Kult by Shaun Jeffrey
Escaping Innocence by Joe Perrone
Feuding Hearts by Shari Richardson
God Complex by Trevor Hallam
On Dark Shres: The Lady by J.A. Clement
Doorway of the Triquetra by Lenore Wolfe
Amanda in Arabia by Darlene Foster
Paradox: The Angels are Here by Patti Roberts
Her Dear and Loving Husband by Meridith Allard
True Intentions by Lissa Kuehne
The Final Companion of Lady Holmeshire by Debra Brown
Magic By Moonlight by D.L. Cocchio

And there are a couple more that will be arriving by mail. I know it seems like a ton of books to read and review, but I read three and sometimes four books per week. I'm a substitute teacher and I tutor two students during their online classes at school, so I have around eight hours per day where I am doing absolutely nothing, so I read! As a sub there is really nothing for me to do but give students their work, and tell them what to do. And tutoring is easy, because it's an online course that two students who were expelled last year need to take, so basically I'm there to babysit.

I was excited to receive a couple of review requests for middle grade levels! I will be teaching 7th grade English in the next couple of months, and I'm excited to see what's out there for students to read at the 7th and 8th grade level.

Finally, I will be doing another giveaway in the next couple of days. N. Gemini Sasson has offered to provide two of her novels from The Bruce Trilogy to two of my blog followers who enter the giveaway. I have no doubt that my followers will enjoy her novels. I've read three of her novels so far, and I'm patiently waiting for the third novel in The Bruce Trilogy to be completed!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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Isabeau, A Novel of Queen Isabella and Sir Roger Mortimer: Review


The story of Queen Isabella, who sought revenge on her husband Edward II, and her lover Sir Roger Mortimer, who masterminded the invasion that accomplished it.

The marriage of Isabella of France and Edward II of England in 1308 is a union meant to secure lasting peace. For years, Isabella is a loyal wife, who repeatedly salvages her husband's kingship, even as she endures his neglect. When she finally speaks out against Edward's favorite, Lord Hugh Despenser, her income, lands and children are taken from her. In an age when women are not supposed to openly defy their husbands, Isabella vows to get her children back and have her revenge on Despenser - no matter what the cost.

Imprisoned in the Tower of London for leading a rebellion against King Edward, Mortimer escapes with Isabella's help and finds refuge in the French court. But when Isabella arrives in Paris to negotiate a peace treaty, it is a temptation the ambitious Mortimer cannot resist.

My Review:

Coming across author N. Gemini Sasson is one of the best discoveries I've made on I was browsing through my recommendations on Amazon around two months ago, and I happened across her Trilogy on Robert the Bruce. I hadn't read very much about him, and the Kindle edition price was incredibly cheap ($2.99), so I bought the first book in the trilogy, THE CROWN IN THE HEATHER, read it in less than two days and became completely hooked. I finished the first two novels in the trilogy in less than a week, and then discovered that the third novel in the Bruce trilogy hasn't quite been completed yet, so I bought ISABEAU knowing that I would love it because Sasson was the author!

I was right, I adored it! Throughout history Isabel of France and Sir Roger Mortimer have been given a bad rap. She's known as a "she-wolf" who cheated on her husband and stole his crown, and Mortimer is known as a devil who wanted to usurp England's crown, and who ran the country through Isabel's son, Edward III, until he finally smartened up and got rid of Mortimer. People never get Isabel or Roger's story, because it's always so biased and one sided. Yes, I'm sure Isabel wasn't the perfect wife, but heck, King Edward II was a horrible husband and a horrible King! He only cared about his current favorites, and his concern was not for his country or his wife, but for the men he was in love with!

Sir Roger Mortimer started off as a loyal follower of the king, but he began to see the true side of the king, and realized that he wasn't worth following anymore, so Mortimer joined in a rebellion against him. Mortimer was lucky to keep his head, and escaped to France after some time spent in The Tower. After Isabel is sent to France to make peace at King Edward II's command, Isabel and Roger Mortimer reconnect and they end up falling in love. Mortimer knows what Isabel has gone through as a wife to Edward II, and he also sees what a beautiful and strong woman she is. As a team they plot to overthrow Edward II, and put the king's son Edward III on the throne. At first working together seems to bring Isabel and Mortimer closer together, but toward the end of the novel you can begin to see the cracks in the love beginning. Mortimer wants to be the man in the relationship, and make all the big decisions without Isabel's help. However, Isabel is a Princess of France and the Queen of England, and she is aware of her power, and wants to use it. Mortimer loves her as a woman, but it's hard for him to back down and listen to her as a Queen. Several times he angers her in public by not listening to her as a Queen, and trying to tell her what to do. It's obvious that Isabel is not going to continue to put up with his less than reverent treatment of her.

I enjoyed getting to know Isabel and Roger as two people in love, rather than as the two power hungry traitors they are usually described as. I also like that this book ends with hope. We obviously know what ends up happening to Roger Mortimer, and we also know that the remainder of Isabel's life isn't all smiles and butterflies, but at least at the end of this book the reader is able to imagine that things do work out for them, and that love endures. I always love a happy ending, and in historical fiction it's often hard to give reader that happy ending, because, well, there wasn't a happy ending! So, although things didn't turn out so well for the love of Isabel and Roger, at least in this fascinating novel there is hope for their future.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars
I can't imagine N. Gemini Sasson writing a novel that I wouldn't give five stars. Anyone who is a fan of historical fiction needs to check out her novels.

I will be reviewing N. Gemini Sasson's novel WORTH DYING FOR (the second novel in The Bruce Trilogy) within the next week. I would have reviewed that novel before ISABEAU, but I am hosting a giveaway for N. Gemini Sasson when I post the review of WORTH DYING FOR. She has been generous enough to offer to provide TWO copies of her novel THE CROWN IN THE HEATHER to two of my followers, and I already have a giveaway going on right now, so I will wait until that giveaway is close to being completed before starting another one!
Anyways, if you would like me to remind you when I host the giveaway for THE CROWN IN THE HEATHER, all you have to do is send me an email stating that you would like to be kept up to date as to when the giveaway begins, and I will send you an email!
Email: kimbers10 [at] yahoo [dot] com

If you would like to order this book please go to:

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Kera and Rand Priven must journey 2,500 miles across their country, trying desperately to find and protect their children. It is good they cannot foresee the horrors before them.

In a troubled marriage, the Privens live with their children, Andrew and Alissa, in New York City. As an up-and-coming fashion photographer, Rand is obsessed with making a name, and a lot of money—to the point of neglecting his family. Kera slips into a frustrated and lonely disillusionment; she yearns for a simpler more meaningful family life. Planning to confront and possibly divorce Rand, she sends the children to a respected summer camp. Her timing couldn't be worse.

Shocking events unfold as independent groups plotting against the United States successfully breach national security, attack military installations, and wreak havoc on public infrastructure: the system breaks down. All services stop… no lights, no flights, no food, no gas… nothing. Law enforcement and armed forces seem unable to contain this terrorism or... revolution. Lawlessness spreads, seemingly overnight.

What chance do these two average, unprepared, and conflicted people have for surviving such a hostile situation? Will the challenge pull them together or rip them further apart? Who will they meet on their journey across America? What will they learn? Will they ever see their children again?


I consider myself to be extremely lucky lately with the great books that authors have been sending me to review for them on my blog! ACROSS THE DESPERATE MILES is no exception!
Patrick Michael Murphy was able to gain my interest in his novel within the first few pages based on his incredible writing style alone! It flows smoothly, is descriptive without being wordy, and brings the character's personalities out in a way that makes them feel like people you might chance to run into!

At first I had major problems with Randy (or Rand as he liked to call himself). He's arrogant and assuming, plus he treats his family like crap. He's so caught up in making his photography studio make it big, that he starts to behave like he's too good for those around him. His wife Kera began their relationship with the same goals in mind as her husband, but as time went on her family (two children) became more important to her than the fast paced, hostile world as a model/photographer. She decided she wanted out, and Rand really had not forgiven her for it. Things come to a head when she decides to leave him, and sends the kids away to save them from seeing any drama that may occur, while she figures out what to do with her marriage.

Then you could say, "shit hits the fan." The "terrorist" groups that are attacking America are radical militant groups who want to take government rule back into the people's hands. Kera and Rand end up crossing the country in order to get to their children during this chaotic time, and this is where the real adventure begins. Kera really begins to show her mettle after her and Rand are seperated, and Rand really begins to grow as a person. 

During the cross country adventure I really began to connect with Rand. Through all of the hardships he faced while trying to get to his wife and kids, he began to really think about what was important in life. He began to get his priorities straight and to see how absent of a father and husband he had been. Both Kera and Rand go through some terrible situations, and these situations definitely made this novel a page turner! I had trouble putting the book down once I got a few chapters into it, because I didn't know from page to page whether or not they would even survive! From a group of dirty hill billy radicals attacking them, to a war happening right in the middle of the United States between the National Guard and the Radical Militant group, and on to Indians coming out of nowhere with knives; it is definitely an adventure story, and Murphy comes up with some incredibly original predicaments!

At times I thought it was a little over the top, and I started thinking; "What's next, aliens?" Now looking back I think this crazy unpredictability definitely added to my inability to put the book down. I just knew that if I didn't keep reading, I'd have to wait until later on for the next crazy, adventurous wonderfully descriptive sequence of events! 
Also, I was a little annoyed with how the novel ended, only because I was rooting for it to end one way, and then it ended in a way I would have NEVER guessed. In a way I guess you can consider that a good thing, because as a reader it definitely had that "HOLY CRAP" feeling at the end!

I would definitely recommend this novel to any of my readers. It has all the elements of a great story, and some of the political situations that are focused on in this novel are pretty interesting to think about.

I would give this novel 4 out of 5 stars.




1.      Tell us a little bit about your novel, Across the Desperate Miles?
Across the Desperate Miles is the current-day story of Kera and Rand Priven, a young couple who must journey across America to find and protect their children.  The catch is, they are not getting along, at all, and, America is in the throws of a revolution brought about by outside and inside forces.  There is war and anarchy within our borders.  The systems have shut down.  They are completely on their own.  It’s a story of transformation and survival.
2. Who might your story appeal to?                                                                                                   I have had very positive feedback from 20somethings to 70somethings.  I think it does well with contemporary fiction readers as well as action/adventure, thriller, military history, political readers, pop culture… and anyone wondering about the direction and future of the United States (and world really).  The book is on Amazon and I don’t really know anything about the people who purchase it, but it seems to appeal to readers on many levels.
3.      How did you get started writing?
I started writing as a teen. I then joined the Army as a cameraman and travelled the world at a peaceful time, photographing pretty much anything I wanted, and a few things I didn’t want.  I did very well there and in civilian life, won a couple Emmys for my photography and writing, but two decades later I was burned out on it and wanted to turn my own writing into a career.  I am not going to say it’s been easy, but I am going to say it’s been a challenge and a lot of fun. 
4.  Do you have a process for writing?
Let’s see.  I am a fairly disciplined guy in many ways.  But.  There’s always that but, isn’t there?  In filmmaking I learned about formulas and used them until I became sick of them.  I saw the ruin of formulas and yet, it seemed, everything was being done with them, especially TV and screenplays.  I began experimenting, and had some great success.  I think we are all so inundated with media that new approaches are often not new at all.  But for me, the idea is to not simply recreate what you or others have done.  Use courage.  Go out on your own and believe in yourself.  So I have used time-tested approaches for writing screenplays, essays, novels, and poetry, but my process is really to consider deeply what the piece is about and let it go its own way… within reason.  I take long periods off between writing projects.  But when I am writing I get obsessive.  At least through a draft.  Across the Desperate Miles was first written in the late nineties. Before the horror of 9/11.  I sent it out a few times back then and then I shelved it. When I took it out again several months ago, at the urging of Jan Takac, my new editor, I planned to read it just to let her see it.  But when I opened it all this new energy came out and with Jan’s help I tightened it and rewrote two more times.  So, I am not saying part of my process is to let a manuscript sit for 10 years, but this story is much better for the wait.           
5.      How do you stay inspired to write?
That can be difficult for many writers.  But, in life, there is so much to look at and consider.  It helps to also have a deep desire to communicate and be understood.  If you’re feeling uninspired… travel.  Look.  Listen.  Question.   Go anywhere but your everyday places.  I get bored, depressed, angry.  I think we need to be ourselves, but look for the positive, and definitely use every emotion and every question that has ever come through you to help you create stories.
6.      Do you have favourite authors?
Larry McMurtry, Wallace Stegner, Deepak Chopra, Peter Matthiessen, Earnest Hemmingway and a lot of others.  I also enjoy newer writers but the earlier ones helped shape me as a person and maybe as a writer..
7. What would you tell budding writers thinking of making it a career?
First off, I haven’t actually made it as a career writer.  I am still working on that.  But I do know, years pass quickly.  I have always been impatient.  Perhaps that is our worst enemy, impatience.  Yes, go, yes, do, but also be patient with who you are, who you are with, and what you do.  Listen, watch, learn.  It’s worth it.  Write the pieces you have said time and again you want to write.  Take it a word, sentence, paragraph and page at a time.  Enjoy.  This is your life.  Make good stories.  Remember, reader’s time and money is valuable—so make what you write worth their investment.  Let the career happen.
 9.      What are you working on at the moment?
Publicizing Across the Desperate Miles.  And a collection of essays about nature, outdoor adventures, and planet earth.  This will be out on Amazon in a couple months.  Then, I have another novel that needs a rewrite.



Patrick Michael Murphy, author of Across the Desperate Miles has graciously offered to provide two of my blog followers with copies of his novel. He will be providing ONE paperback copy as well as ONE ebook copy.

 ALL you have to do to enter is:

+1 Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment with your name and email...(you must be a blog follower!)

For any extra entries:

+1 Follow me on TWITTER

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If you would like to purchase this novel please visit:

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There's madness in the Marchmont family, cousins cannot marry.  Clarissa's father kept this secret and broke her young heart.  Her mother's secret changes everything, but is it too late?
Clarissa and Jeremy grew up on the grand estate of Hethering, and their love claims its legacy.  Torn apart by tainted blood, their passion endures across continents and ill-made marriages.  Can the Great War’s fire forge the courage they need to defy society and find their way home?
"Clarissa, can you ever forgive me?"  He braced his body for rejection, but I'd forgiven him as he spoke, forgiven him without the interference of my conscious mind.  I didn't dare tell him that.  I had to send him away.  I gathered the strength to see him off, but something deep within me rebelled.
"Damn you, Jeremy."  There was anger and grief and undying love in my gritted words.  I loved him before, I loved him now.  I would always, always love him.

I absolutely LOVED this book! As soon as I began reading it the outside world ceased to exist for me! It is a beautiful novel about enduring love of two passionate characters who hold onto their love no matter the obstacles in their way. 
Jeremy and Clarry are the type of characters that make readers fall in love with them as well as the book. They are intelligent and kid, and they also are human, faults and all. 
MY COUSIN JEREMY is set mostly in the time before WWI, but the end of the novel deals with the aftermath of WWI, which includes the struggles that young veterans had coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder during a time when not much was known about this problem. 
Clarry's love for her cousin is so pure and sweet that it's impossible not to fall in love with her. I admit that at first, the idea of cousin's being in love creeped me out, but I made myself keep in mind that cousin's marrying was not at all uncommon during this time period. 
I wasn't completely endeared to Jeremy at the beginning, because I felt like he was a bit of a coward when it came to standing his ground regarding his love for Clarry. He also came across as a little arrogant, but as the novel progressed, especially after WWI, he became just as beloved to me as Clarry was. 
This is a passionate love story between two amazing characters, and the sex scenes were beautifully written without a hint of vulgarity. I was amazed at how quickly I read this novel. I kept on reading, because I had to know what was going to happen next! Susan Speers has created a love story which I can honestly say is right up there with some of the greatest love story's (in my opinion) of all time. I also am grateful for the epilogue she included at the end; when I was finished reading the novel I wanted to cry, because I wanted to keep reading about their lives. The epilogue gave me closure regarding their story, and made me smile. 
I am so happy that I was asked to review this novel. It ranks in my top 20 books that I have read. I can see myself picking it up to read again down the road. I loved the mixture of history and romance within Speers' novel, and I recommend it to readers of any book genre.
I give this novel 5 out of 5 stars!

THE BONUS by Georgia Lowe: REVIEW


Georgia Lowe’sThe Bonus, is a work of historical fiction, which offers an eye-opening glimpse into the little known series of events involving the Bonus Army, a collection of World War I veterans, who came from all across the country to gather before Congress and demand the wartime service bonuses that they had been promised years before. This story of systemic neglect of veterans, hard economic times, environmental disaster and the consequences of a failed presidency, is more relevant than ever.
The Bonus recalls the story of Will Hardy, a reporter with recurring shell shock, who arrives with the Los Angeles contingent of the Bonus Army.  In the grip of the Great Depression of 1932, fueled by unemployment, hunger and homelessness, 22,000 defiant veterans settle before Congress vowing to stay until 1945 if necessary, until they are given their service bonuses. 

Georgia Lowe grew up around LA and Hollywood with Bonus Marcher parents in an environment where veteran issues were a part of everyday family conversation. She spent ten years researching for this book, with multiple trips to Washington and the Library of Congress.  She currently lives in a small community on the Eastern slope of the California Sierra where she is hard at work on both a prequel and a sequel to The Bonus.


I can honestly say that when I first received this book, and looked at the cover, I thought it was going to be boring. So my friends, here is another reason why you NEVER judge a book by it's cover! The cover has a couple of black and white pictures, that are real photos from the Bonus March on Washington, D.C. If I would have come across this book on a bookstore shelf, I'm sorry to say I probably would have passed it up. However, I was lucky enough to be requested to read and review The Bonus for the author, and I'm so glad that I had the chance to read what it was really about!

I was about twenty pages into this novel and I was completely hooked. Georgia Lowe was able to incorporate  not only the physical suffering of soldiers who had returned from WWI, but also the mental/emotional sufferings. P.T.S.D. was not something that people knew about, and men were expected to be "men" and just "get over it." Not only did these men (and some women) see terrible things during WWI, but when they returned it was as though the government had forgotten what they had done for their country! The men were promised a bonus for fighting overseas, but it was not payable until 1945. However, it was the year of 1932, and the people of the country were now fighting The Great Depression, so they were lobbying in order to get their Bonus at present, rather than wait until 1945. Part of the argument to get the bonus early was that it would help to stimulate the economy, which would in turn alleviate the pressure of the Great Depression on some of the American people. Lowe also did an amazing job of incorporating a love story into this book without making it a romance novel.

Anyways, as the story goes, the main character Will (who is a reporter) follows a man named Royal Robertson, who is the leader of the L.A. contingent of veterans; as well as several hundred other men across the country to march on Washington and demand their bonuses. The descriptions by Lowe of what the people who marched on Washington went through was heart breaking. These men had risked their lives, and lost friends and family to WWI, but the government (namely President Hoover) would not pay them the money they had earned because American "didn't have it."  The living conditions were horrifying, and the way these men and women were treated was worse than animals. The way the government handled the evacuation of thousands of men, women, and children from the Bonus Camps was shocking. Many of the men and women suffered from PTSD, as well as lacked nutrition and proper clothing. In order to evacuate the veterans and their families, President Hoover and General MacArthur set the Army upon them.  They were treated like the enemy, not at all like the heroes that they truly were. They were removed through violence, and tear gas was even thrown into crowds of veterans and their families. 

I read this book in two days, because I could not put it down! Anyone who is interested in the early 20th century, or in WWI  will love this book. I had never even heard of the Bonus March on Washington until reading this novel. It's such a huge part of history, so it makes me wonder why I had never heard it mentioned in any of my History courses, high school or college level. Georgia Lowe did an amazing job at pulling me into this novel, and also endearing me to the characters. Will and his love Bonnie are such real people, and you don't know until the end of the novel what happens with them, but you're rooting for them the entire time. Also, Will's friends, who he meets while traveling to D.C., are men that as a reader you can't help but care about them and what happens to them.

I would 100% recommend this book. The only negative thing I have to say about this novel is that the cover is boring. The pictures on the cover are interesting, but it makes you think, as a reader, that the book is a history novel, not an amazing story of love and perseverance. I do think the cover would deter some people from buying it. As I said before, it was the perfect example of the phrase, "Don't judge a book by it's cover!"

I would definitely give this novel 4 out of 5 stars!

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TREASURE ME by Christine Nolfi WINNERS!

I know that I've been slacking on posting the winners, so I do apologize for that. It's been a crazy week!
The winners of TREASURE ME are:

WindyCindy and Julie S

Thank you to everyone who entered! I will be doing a review and giveaway either tomorrow or Friday for the novel ACROSS THE DESPERATE MILES by Patrick Michael Murphy. It's an amazing book, full of adventure, and I really think that that a reader of any genre of books will love it! 

I will make sure to post the review and giveaway this week! Thanks to everyone for entering this giveaway! I appreciate you all! 

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To Be Reviewed Tuesday: Books Read, but Not Yet Reviewed

I think I've been making pretty good time when it comes to READING the books I've been given to review, it's the part where I post the written review of the novel to my blog that I'm slacking on a little!
I make sure to take notes of the books I'm reviewing while I'm reading them of course; so now I need to focus on putting it all together and getting the reviews posted!

One of the reviews I plan on doing soon is for the book WORTH DYING FOR by N. Gemini Sasson. She did not ask me to do this review for her, but I was introduced to her novels, which are part of her BRUCE TRILOGY, from my recommendations. I read the first novel in her trilogy, THE CROWN IN THE HEATHER, and I became completely hooked! After reading and reviewing the first novel I contacted  her via twitter, and she has offered to provide a print copy or e-book of her novel in a future giveaway on my blog! I am beyond honored that such an amazing author would not only respond to a tweet I sent her regarding the review of her book I posted on my blog, but also offer to provide one of her novels to give to one of my blog followers!

Anyways, the current giveaway I'm doing, TREASURE ME by the amazing author Christine Nolfi, will end on the 23rd of May. Once that giveaway ends I will more than likely take a couple of days off before starting another giveaway, but as I said N. Gemini Sasson will be giving away one her her novels from her BRUCE TRILOGY.  I have NO doubt that any fan of historical fiction will LOVE her any one of her novels. In fact, I think any lover of literature will have a difficult time putting any one of Sasson's books down!

Ok, enough with my rambling. This post is about the books I have read, but still need to write and post my reviews.

So....TO BE REVIEWED (but have finished reading!):

WORTH DYING FOR by N. Gemini Sasson
ACROSS THE DESPERATE MILES by Patrick Michael Murphy
THE BONUS by Georgia Lowes
MY COUSIN JEREMY by Susan Spears
CURRY AND SPICE CHICKEN RECIPES by Kakoli DasGupta (I know this is a random one, but I thought it had some pretty amazing recipes in it, and was asked by the author to do a review of it on my blog!)

Ok, so there you have it. I have several other books that authors and publicists have sent me to read and review on my blog, but I'll post the author's names and the titles in a later post!

Much love to all of my followers, and to all of those who have entered my giveaways! I'm so thankful to have found a hobby that is so fulfilling, and hopefully soon I'll have more time to get the reviews of the novels (from all of the wonderful authors) posted to my blog!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Guest Post by author Christine Nolfi and BOOK GIVEAWAY!

Christine's Bio:

Christine owned a small public relations firm in Cleveland, Ohio. Her articles and press releases have appeared regionally in Ohio. Her short story, Night Hour, appeared in Working Mother magazine.

Christine closed the firm fifteen years ago after she traveled to the Philippines and
adopted a sibling group of four children. She has been writing novels fulltime since 2004.
Treasure Me is the first book of the Liberty, Ohio series, available at Amazon:

The second book in the Liberty series, Second Chance Grill, will be released June, 2011.

Contact Christine at


What was the inspiration behind Treasure Me?

Treasure Me is the only novel I’ve ever written that simply arose from my subconscious. I awoke one morning with this very amusing image of a young woman—a thief—dangling from a window trying to escape from the man whose pocket she’d picked. I’d already written Second Chance Grill several years earlier, and knew that this new book would also take place in the small town of Liberty. So the supporting cast was immediately in place: the town’s feisty matriarch, Theodora, who carries a Blackberry and a pistol; her nemesis, the fluttery Ethel Lynn, and all of the other characters who are an integral part of the town’s only restaurant, The Second Chance Grill.

What would you like readers to take away from the novel?

That “family” isn’t so much something we’re born into as something we create and nurture. The people you choose to love and who love you—day in and day out—are life’s only treasure.

You’ve written four other novels. Can you tell us about them?

Second Chance Grill will appear on Amazon in June. It’s a “prequel” of sorts depicting the love story of Dr. Mary Chance, the town’s doctor, and Anthony Perini, a single dad with a very precious daughter. Of course the feisty women of Liberty—including Theodora—will be featured. You’ll learn a little more about the “bad blood” between Theodora and Ethel Lynn. Their battle was “fur and feathers” in Treasure Me. In Second Chance Grill, they’re even wilder.

The third novel in the series, The Impossible Wish, will arrive on Amazon in late autumn. It’s the story of Birdie’s infamous mother, Wish Kaminsky. The hero and heroine of that novel are nothing like Birdie and Hugh: think “clutzy female scientist” and “Mad Greek.” And, heaven help us, the evil Wish kidnaps Theodora. Don’t make me give anything else away. I’m striving for laugh-out-loud comedy from start to finish.

The other two novels are stand-alone books that will appear on Amazon this summer. I’d tell you the titles but I keep changing them as I polish the chapters.

What are the pros and cons of releasing a novel in e-format?

I can’t speak for other writers; my greatest difficulty has been the allocation of time. Many hours are now spent promoting my novels. Those long, lovely mornings, when I woke at dawn and spent hours writing, have disappeared. At least for now.

The greatest benefit? Reaching out to readers directly. Receiving virtually immediate feedback. Already some of the comments I’ve received on Treasure Me have impacted the books I’m polishing, and my new work-in-progress.

Who is your favorite author?

It’s impossible to choose a favorite. Sue Monk Kidd, Nora Roberts, Fannie Flagg, J.K. Rowling, Toni Morrison, Sarah Gruen—the list of remarkable talent is varied and virtually endless. I’m not a “genre” reader. If a novel is good, it’s in my TBR pile.

What prompted you to start your writing career?

I can’t recall a time when I didn’t write. When my mother was alive, she swore I taught myself to read at the age of two. Now, I’ve met enough toddlers to know that’s unlikely.

Still, writing was always an obsession. I completed my first novel at the age of nineteen. Today the 600-page tome sits dusty and unloved in my basement. Later on, when I worked in PR, I was always striving to reach the day when I’d write fiction. In 2004, I decided it was now or never.

What led to your decision to self-publish?

After I finished my first novel I worked with two agents, each for about eighteen months. Random House was very interested in Second Chance Grill. A division of Penguin considered bringing out Treasure Me, and the other Liberty books, in hardcover. Then Wall Street melted down. The interest fizzled, and I decided to self-publish. By then I’d read enough success stories to realize that New York no longer had a monopoly on the publishing game.

If I may, I’d like to tell young writers: Believe in yourself. The world is made all the more beautiful by literature’s wide variety of voices. Find critique partners you can trust to help you nurture your distinctive brand of fiction. When you write that first draft, turn off your internal editor—it’s more important to get your idea down on paper. Later, revise. And revise. And revise until you’ve polished your manuscript to a diamond-bright brilliance.

Readers can reach Christine at

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