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BLOG TOUR: Cicely's King Richard by Sandra Heath Wilson


The first in a historical trilogy exploring the intensity and sensitivity of history's
"wicked" King and his illicit relationship with his young niece: the perceptive and enticing Cicely
It is 1483, and the children of the late Yorkist King Edward IV have been declared illegitimate by their own uncle, the new King Richard III. His second niece, Cicely Plantagenet, hardly knows him, but from the outset is fiercely drawn to this charismatic man, with whom she shares tremendous affinity and rarest of all, his trust. But there will be complete, unconditional passion and the loss of all innocence for Cicely before Richard has to defend his realm, his cause, and his life, against the invading force of the Lancastrian pretender, Henry Tudor, at the Battle of Bosworth Field. This impressive trilogy offers a new and compassionate look at the much maligned, misunderstood Richard, Duke of Gloucester.

My Review:

Cicely’s King Richard by Sandra Heath Wilson was a really interesting read. It gave me an entirely different viewpoint from the one I had previously about King Richard III’s life. It was interesting to read about his life from a different perspective, one where he isn’t the ‘bad’ guy that history often portrays him as. In this novel he is regarded as an excellent king, who is loved by his people and his family. He is also shown to have been the object of great affection from both of his brother’s older daughter’s, Bess and Cicely. Most novels I have read mention that there were some romantic feelings between him and his brother’s oldest daughter, Bess, but this is the first novel with the twist that the romantic connection is between King Richard and his niece Cicely. It was interesting reading about this time period from an entirely new perspective.

It was a little over the top at times. Cicely and Richard went on and on about their love for each other, and I just wanted to be like, “I GET IT! YOU LOVE EACH OTHER!” haha. Other than that it was pretty good, and the love scenes were nice and steamy. I have doubts that King Richard was as amazing as this author seems to believe. I don’t believe all of the crap that has been written about him in history, but I doubt that every single negative thing that has been written about him is untrue. There has to be some truth to some of the bad things that have gone down in history about him. The author clearly is biased in favor of King Richard, and that’s fine, but I don’t necessarily agree that he was a saint on earth! I don’t know if he did get rid of his brother’s sons, the princes in the tower, or not, but something was fishy about that whole situation.
I found myself having difficulty putting this novel down the further I got into it. I wonder where the author came up with the ideas for this twist on King Richard’s life. It definitely got me thinking, and I really liked reading something new and fresh, not just the same old story. I definitely recommend this novel to historical fiction fans, and I am looking forward to reading the second book in this this trilogy, Cicely’s Second King.

I give this novel a FIVE out of FIVE stars!

About the Author:

SANDRA HEATH isn't my only pen name, for I am also SANDRA HEATH WILSON, and under that name I write medieval novels, at the moment the Cicely Plantagenet series. You'll also find me as SANDRA WILSON, JEANNIE MACHIN and SARAH STANLEY. As the latter I've produced two new sensuous Regencies that follow the lives of the same characters. 

Have you ever read a book and wished you could write one too? Have you ever followed someone else's characters and thought you would have them behave differently? Well, that's how I was. I read and read and read, especially historical fiction, but I secretly yearned to write a title of my own. Strangely, it took my three-year-old daughter's urgent admission to hospital with meningitis to finally get me going. She was so ill and I was so distracted, that my father gave me a little portable typewriter 'to help take my mind off things'. By the time my daughter Sarah came out of hospital, well on the road to recovery, my first book was also well on the road to completion.

I wrote and wrote and wrote, standing in the kitchen on one leg like a stork, with the typewriter on a work surface while my daughter played around my feet. My first books were medieval historicals set in England, and since then I have mostly written in the English Regency period - for which living in Britain is a definite advantage! I love romantic stories, and if I can weave history, traditions, myths, legends and sometimes Gothic elements into them, I'm happiest of all. These were the sorts of story I couldn't get enough of before I became a writer, and I'm glad to say my readers like them too. 

Sooo, tens of books after my first ever title, I'm still wearing out keyboards, and enjoying every minute of it. It is my hope that you will share my enjoyment.

Comes out September 1, 2014!

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