Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To Be Reviewed Tuesday: Books Read, but Not Yet Reviewed

I think I've been making pretty good time when it comes to READING the books I've been given to review, it's the part where I post the written review of the novel to my blog that I'm slacking on a little!
I make sure to take notes of the books I'm reviewing while I'm reading them of course; so now I need to focus on putting it all together and getting the reviews posted!

One of the reviews I plan on doing soon is for the book WORTH DYING FOR by N. Gemini Sasson. She did not ask me to do this review for her, but I was introduced to her novels, which are part of her BRUCE TRILOGY, from my amazon.com recommendations. I read the first novel in her trilogy, THE CROWN IN THE HEATHER, and I became completely hooked! After reading and reviewing the first novel I contacted  her via twitter, and she has offered to provide a print copy or e-book of her novel in a future giveaway on my blog! I am beyond honored that such an amazing author would not only respond to a tweet I sent her regarding the review of her book I posted on my blog, but also offer to provide one of her novels to give to one of my blog followers!

Anyways, the current giveaway I'm doing, TREASURE ME by the amazing author Christine Nolfi, will end on the 23rd of May. Once that giveaway ends I will more than likely take a couple of days off before starting another giveaway, but as I said N. Gemini Sasson will be giving away one her her novels from her BRUCE TRILOGY.  I have NO doubt that any fan of historical fiction will LOVE her any one of her novels. In fact, I think any lover of literature will have a difficult time putting any one of Sasson's books down!

Ok, enough with my rambling. This post is about the books I have read, but still need to write and post my reviews.

So....TO BE REVIEWED (but have finished reading!):

WORTH DYING FOR by N. Gemini Sasson
ACROSS THE DESPERATE MILES by Patrick Michael Murphy
THE BONUS by Georgia Lowes
MY COUSIN JEREMY by Susan Spears
CURRY AND SPICE CHICKEN RECIPES by Kakoli DasGupta (I know this is a random one, but I thought it had some pretty amazing recipes in it, and was asked by the author to do a review of it on my blog!)

Ok, so there you have it. I have several other books that authors and publicists have sent me to read and review on my blog, but I'll post the author's names and the titles in a later post!

Much love to all of my followers, and to all of those who have entered my giveaways! I'm so thankful to have found a hobby that is so fulfilling, and hopefully soon I'll have more time to get the reviews of the novels (from all of the wonderful authors) posted to my blog!

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