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There's madness in the Marchmont family, cousins cannot marry.  Clarissa's father kept this secret and broke her young heart.  Her mother's secret changes everything, but is it too late?
Clarissa and Jeremy grew up on the grand estate of Hethering, and their love claims its legacy.  Torn apart by tainted blood, their passion endures across continents and ill-made marriages.  Can the Great War’s fire forge the courage they need to defy society and find their way home?
"Clarissa, can you ever forgive me?"  He braced his body for rejection, but I'd forgiven him as he spoke, forgiven him without the interference of my conscious mind.  I didn't dare tell him that.  I had to send him away.  I gathered the strength to see him off, but something deep within me rebelled.
"Damn you, Jeremy."  There was anger and grief and undying love in my gritted words.  I loved him before, I loved him now.  I would always, always love him.

I absolutely LOVED this book! As soon as I began reading it the outside world ceased to exist for me! It is a beautiful novel about enduring love of two passionate characters who hold onto their love no matter the obstacles in their way. 
Jeremy and Clarry are the type of characters that make readers fall in love with them as well as the book. They are intelligent and kid, and they also are human, faults and all. 
MY COUSIN JEREMY is set mostly in the time before WWI, but the end of the novel deals with the aftermath of WWI, which includes the struggles that young veterans had coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder during a time when not much was known about this problem. 
Clarry's love for her cousin is so pure and sweet that it's impossible not to fall in love with her. I admit that at first, the idea of cousin's being in love creeped me out, but I made myself keep in mind that cousin's marrying was not at all uncommon during this time period. 
I wasn't completely endeared to Jeremy at the beginning, because I felt like he was a bit of a coward when it came to standing his ground regarding his love for Clarry. He also came across as a little arrogant, but as the novel progressed, especially after WWI, he became just as beloved to me as Clarry was. 
This is a passionate love story between two amazing characters, and the sex scenes were beautifully written without a hint of vulgarity. I was amazed at how quickly I read this novel. I kept on reading, because I had to know what was going to happen next! Susan Speers has created a love story which I can honestly say is right up there with some of the greatest love story's (in my opinion) of all time. I also am grateful for the epilogue she included at the end; when I was finished reading the novel I wanted to cry, because I wanted to keep reading about their lives. The epilogue gave me closure regarding their story, and made me smile. 
I am so happy that I was asked to review this novel. It ranks in my top 20 books that I have read. I can see myself picking it up to read again down the road. I loved the mixture of history and romance within Speers' novel, and I recommend it to readers of any book genre.
I give this novel 5 out of 5 stars!

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